May This Be An Opening

                        – Gretchen Sleicher          

SGT opening Sleicher

May this be an opening
May I be an opening
May we be an opening
An opening to love

(2: of love;  3: for love)

Garden Layers – Kazimea Sokil

Inch by inch, row by row

Sun and rain, grain by grain by grain

Soil that feeds each seed I sow,

Bless, bless, may this garden grow

Music of the earth –

Dreams of seedling birth.

Garden spring to fall –

Growing strong and tall

In the Dark     – Lea Morris

Dropbox  In the Dark Morris

What we seed in the dark grows

What we seed in the dark grows

What we seed in the dark grows and grows

How? No one knows

Darkness, hold me

I surrender

Darkness, mold me

How? No one knows

Darkness, Hold me

Darkness No one knows

The Great Unfolding – Gretchen Sleicher

The Great Unfolding is happening
Bud into leaf, and flowers peeking out
One by one, two by three, it’s a riot of diversity
And frogs sing their greeting to the spring

Acorn Song – Will Hale (excerpt)

I am a small acorn

Leaving my tall tree home

Tumbling down and down

Safe in my shell

Down to the ground.

Deep in the ground I sleep

Taking my time in peace

Dreaming an acorn’s dream

I wake up to see

Now I’m a tree.

I am a wise old oak

Standing so tall and green

Stretching my branches high

Growing in strength

Up to the sky.

Riding My Bike – Laurence Cole

https://SGT- Cole – bike/

Riding my bike, riding my bike,
riding my bike to work and back

Ooo I like to ride my bike,
ride it to work, and back

I can hear the birds, I can feel the breeze

I can smell the blossoms on the trees

I can feel my body growing strong

It just makes me want to sing this song

Simple Praise of Trees

– David Densmore, Vivaldi, Gretchen Sleicher

I raise my arms in the forest,
and join the simple praise of trees.

I raise my arms, and join
the praise of trees

In the forest, the forest,
I raise my arms in praise of trees

I raise my arms,
and join the praise of trees

Drinking In the Green

  • Gretchen Sleicher

Drinking in the green
Reveling in tall trees
Breathing in the mountain air
River music everywhere

Green reveling mountains everywhere

Drinking tall trees
Breathing river

The Tree – Dana Lyons (excerpt)  

There’s a river, flowing near me

And I’ve watched that river change and grow.

For 800 years, I have lived here

Through the wind, the fire and the snow.

I see salmon, return every summer

And I watch young owls learn to fly.

I have felt the paws of the grizzly

And I have heard the lone wolf’s cry.

Who will house the owl?

And who will hold that river shore?

And who will take refuge in my shadow?

When my shadow falls no more.

My roots go deep, I hold the shore, I house the owl, and so much more

2 toned parts

Standing Like a Tree – Betsy Rose

Standing like a tree with my roots dug down

my branches wide and open.

Come down the rain.

Come down the sun.

Come down the fruit to the heart that is open to be …

Love Like a Rose

– music Marvin Frey (Peace like a River) adapted

I’ve got

Love Like a Rose in my soul

… Hope like a Snowdrop

… Freedom like a Dandelion

… Bounty like a Sunflower

… Solidarity like the Camas

… Persistence like the Fireweed

… Sorrow like an Elm

…Strength like an Oak tree