1) All counselling and therapy will be offered by phone or online platform ( or zoom). If clients are unable to attend virtual sessions (for example, due to acquired brain injury, developmental delay, or intellectual handicap) it may be possible to have appointments while walking outdoors. Please email me for more information and to see if this is necessary or appropriate in your case.

2) COVID policies will be posted on the website and clients will be asked to sign off on their agreement to these policies before attending any in-person session.

3) In-person clients will be advised that their contact information may be shared if needed for provincial health authority contact tracing in the event of an outbreak.

4) In-person clients will be screened for potential COVID exposure, by asking the following when booking:

a. Do you have any of the following symptoms: cough, fever, sore throat, heavy fatigue, digestive upset?

b. Have you been in close contact with anyone who has had symptoms or who has been diagnosed with COVID-19?

c. Have you been on an airplane or out of the province in the past 14 days?

If any answer is YES then counselling will be by phone or online platform for the next 14 days.

5) In-person clients will also be asked to cancel, reschedule, or shift to a virtual appointment if they develop symptoms or have a family member who has confirmed or suspected COVID-19. Clients will be reminded of this policy when they arrive for their appointment.

6) Cancellation and rescheduling of in-person sessions will be without penalty if it is due to COVID symptoms.

IN-HOUSE PROTOCOLS (not available – November 25, 2020 until further notice)

7) In-person appointments will be scheduled and staggered to allow time to sanitize surfaces between appointments and to minimize contact with others.

8) Clients will be asked to stay in their vehicles until just before their session to facilitate inter-session sanitizing and to minimize contact.

9) The counsellor will open and close the door to minimize contact points. When any tools are used, they will not be shared if that is possible, and hands will be sanitized after sharing.

10) Hand sanitizer will be at the entrance and clients will be asked to sanitize hands on entry and on exit. Hand washing in the bathroom is another acceptable option.

11) Chairs will be arranged for in-person counselling with a minimum of 2m between client and counsellor.

12) Windows will be opened for fresh air flow whenever possible.

13) A HEPA filter will be available for use in the counselling room if the counsellor deems it necessary due to numbers of clients in the room, etc.

14) When it is impossible to maintain a 2m distance between client and counsellor, ex., while doing art therapy, masks will be worn by both client and counsellor, as well as any support staff present.

15) Signage advising of COVID-19 protocols will be posted:

a. At the door re: screening and sanitizing

b. In the bathroom re: washing hands

c. At the art table re: masking when not able to maintain distance, mask protocol

16) Occupancy of the counselling room is limited to 3 (2 in one bubble plus the counsellor); in the studio to 5 individuals plus the counsellor, or 4 pairs plus counsellor in the studio. If a “TreeFrog Pod” class is arranged, maximum occupancy will be 3 adults plus teacher plus up to 6 children.

17) Payment will be taken via e-transfer whenever possible. If cash is handled, counsellor will sanitize or wash hands as soon as possible after accepting payment.